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Developed by logistics experts

Exportease was developed by the IT division of Wallis Shipping Services Ltd, who have been providing solutions for the logistics industry for over 30 years. It is a flexible system that produces international trade documentation, management reports, and accurate information about planned dispatches. Exportease is a modular software application that links into back office and ERP systems, enabling effective management of your distribution processes. Exportease features key functions that link together your supply chain.

Exportease is a unique software application that enables you to:

  • Plan export dispatches
  • Raise export and import documentation
  • Allocate planned production to customers
  • Monitor actual production against planned production
  • Analyse the performance of your suppliers
  • Process and Track Letters of Credit shipments
  • Exportease is ISO-3166 aligned
  • Exportease utilises UN-LoCode with over 100,000 worldwide ports
  • Exportease enables you to Track and Trace Shipments by vessel name, container number and MAWB number.

International trade documentation and more

Trade Documentation
  • Customs Invoice
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Sales Invoice / Credit Note
  • Packing List / Weight List
  • Manifests
  • Standard Shipping Note
  • Dangerous Goods Note
  • Confirmation of Booking
  • Export Cargo Shipping Instruction
  • Insurance Certificate
  • FIATA Bills of Lading / Express Bills of Lading
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • EC Certificate of Origin
  • Despatch Advice
  • NES recording
  • EUR1
  • ATR
  • CMR
  • T5
  • Invoice without packing information
  • Foreign Bill / Documents for collection
  • Bills of Exchange
Software Modules
Exportease is a modular software package that improves the efficiency of your distribution processes. Exportease runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

  • Quotes and Customer Relationship Management
  • Job Costing
  • International Trade Documentation
  • Track and Trace
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Integrated Links to order processing / production planning
  • Links to accounting systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • NES / Customs and Excise
Full Reporting

Exportease has extensive reporting capabilities. Reports include:

  • Enquiries / Quotations / Shipments by date, user, destination etc.
  • Daily Loads and Despatches
  • Market Split by Destination or Origin
  • Stock Availability
  • Shipment Planning Summary
  • Post Shipment Adjustments for Stock Handling
  • Export Reference Trackings
  • IBAP Listing
  • Exception Reporting and ISO Management
  • Haulier Invoicing Performance
  • ICP Requests
  • Last Order by Market
  • Item Quantity by Destination
  • Vehicle Utilisation
  • Order Fill Reports
  • WMS – Shipment Reconciliation
  • Country Loading
  • Haulier / Shipping Line / Airline Analysis
  • Transaction  /Shipment Summaries
  • Item Enquiry Drill-down
  • Stock Allocation Summary
  • Housekeeping Reports
  • Shipment Progress Tracking
  • Method of Transport Analysis
  • Masters Listings – Products, Warehouses, Customers, Markets etc
  • Closing Stock Reports
  • Health Certificates Reporting
  • Production Plans
  • Unplanned Stock
  • Adjustments Report
  • Pallet Reports
  • Tonnage per Destination Reports

Flexible Interface

Exportease interfaces with other data sources, whether it’s your existing back office system or those of your customers or trade networks. We already have links to Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and to International Courier and Transport networks via EDI. These interfaces enable Exportease to expedite shipments and produce the essential trade documents easily with minimal user interaction.

  • MS Dynamics AX
  • SAP
  • Legacy Systems including:
    • IBM DB2
    • MS Access
  • Courier booking systems
  • B2B ordering system